Sunday, September 23, 2012

SOMETHINGS....are just a bit fishy...

My dad
 getting close to 85 
fishing at Strawberry this week.
To think last year,the week before Christmas he was in a hospital bed
waiting for emergency surgery
and we were scared
knowing his chances to come out
alive were slim
a day later then giving our
final good-byes after surgery as he wasn't doing well.
(poisoned from a bad gallbladder 
through his whole body.)

Nothing less than a miracle.
prayers answered.
Thank you heavenly father.
He doesn't remember most of it.

He's had a new shed built
for his rock hobby,
and although much weaker
he continues on.

He needed to be here to help my mother who lost her 3 sisters and 2 brother in laws this year.

My mothers birthday present
(frozen fish)
from her youngest grandson(8).

She is now 81, doing well.

It's also their 60th anniversary.

My mother is very simple when it comes to living and parties.
(like... she'd rather not).

It was a family dinner at the Stockton Miners cafe...and that's all I am going to say
about that place.

Birthday Present given
from one sister to another,
this is my youngest sister.

My middle son...
has moved in for a short time
with his wife and 2 children
It happens, doesn't it!
(sold their home)
It's okay
we have room
and they balance me.

Beautiful grandson
loves grandma's green drinks,
holds his hands out
when I turn on the blender!

Beautiful grandson
started a new school this week
 rode the bus
for his first time.

We're loving it all
watching the steady diet of
sugar and fats...
MY SON seems to think it's a
good way to eat.

Makes me just CRAZY

Wouldn't you find it hard
when there is a huge bag of your
favorite candy bars in the

I see an intervention coming on.

My daughter in law had an
with our clothes closet
we sent out 10 bags full,
even though I have been tossing
all year.
Had to laugh...
Carl had 2 pair of pants left
after losing his 30 lbs.

No more floor piles

I'll send her over!

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Mimi Sue said...

Rent her out! Sometimes it just takes someone new to look at the piles and know what to do with them! Love that sign that your sister's holding! I think most of us can relate...Mimi