Sunday, September 9, 2012


Come find what's arrived Monday,
our first Monday opening thru Christmas!

Here is what jot 'em down means:

Jot 'em down was the type of stores
you would gather especially on Saturdays
 to find
what you needed to fix this or that.

Betty Whitlock stepped up to our challenge
of finding old photo's for our fall season.
I had never heard this store name
have you?

This monday is focused on
vintage,of course
for organizing your collections.
Suitcases to 
many metal tool totes
(not shown)

Like this antique oak box 

Plastic cigar boxes filled with
little collectable
waiting for you to create with.

This piece would be Industrial style
hang it up to hang jewlery etc from.

Antique fur hangers
you could hang your ribbon spools etc.

This lacey lamp shade I have made into
a display piece or better yet, put it on your
head and be a tea party girl!
(as this tea  cup and saucer are glued on)
All pearls are for purchasing.

4- 50's/60's polyester dresses are coming in
on Monday
with vintage accessories. 
There will be at least 50 pieces of
vintage clothing/coats coming
in the next few weeks
including bowling shirts and ball.

start thinking COSTUMES.

Oneida silver cups, fall dessert tray,
7 pieces of milk glass.

Vintage painted white covers
for your home

Lots and lots of zippers in many colors
with brass zips .
again...think halloween costume,
think hard!

Crisp clothesline clothespin hanger dress
(its green not aqua as its showing)
great organizing piece.
We have tons of buttons, 100 new pieces
of silverware at 2.00 each, keys 1.00

Black and white kitchen necessities
would go great with all the reds and green
kitchen tools in the shop.

Also this beautiful East Lake piece
would be wonderful above your door
or turn it into a hanger.

To start off our Scavenger Hunt Monday...
30% OFF
it may be a rainy day monday
and I will add to what is already outside
if possible.
The back room sales table will be added to
with a box of old halloween.
See you soon!

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