Saturday, September 22, 2012

4 Tuesdays...harvesting

Salsa and Soup Base
tucked away,
it's a beautiful sight.
Clean-up is over.
No red stuff on the ceiling this time.

The star of the show is this
 food chopper, Cuisinart
literally takes seconds
and it's perfectly chopped.
He always grows plenty of roma's
which make a thicker salsa.

Mr. Roses thinks he has been doing the
salsa for 14 years.
In our early married years with family at home we bottled EVERYTHING.
I gave up this art MANY years ago
just staying clear of the kitchen.

4 tuesdays in a row now...
the salsa marathon tradition continues
This year our two sons helped a day,
to learn from their dad.
I think they learned they will not be
doing this again!
Fingers crossed he won't have a twinge
of  "THAT" guilt...
you know the one...
that says... there are still more tomatoes
out there
come and get us!

across the street.
farmers. harvesting corn.
acres. acres. acres.

look closely
it takes co-ordination
between the two trucks.

right outside the bedroom window...
you don't see a fence do you?
that's still..."One day."

look at who+whom has moved in
to our home this month.

It happens to you too
doesn't it!

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