Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wicker. Farmhouse & John Wayne Log Chair Affair Day 3

2 piece VERY OLD wicker
planter and chair
chippy white
$100.00 set
they will be in the shop Thursday

Farmhouse style
antique chair
Has been handpainted with an antique finish
1940's-early 50's
this chair 60.00
In the shop there is a matching table
with pretty legs.
Because WE NEED IT GONE for our
Christmas displays soon
will sell table $150.00
super buy


John Wayne seat I call it!
Antique log chair
with the richest patena.
So well made.
excellent condition
hate to sell it
was always thinking of owning a cabin.
After 15 years of my parents I think
those days are over.
Shopkeeping has taught me NOT to relax!
I know this chair is worth more
but $350.00
to the first person claiming
DUBS on it!

This could have been made in the 30's 40's.

The  big John Wayne seat is 22"x22"

Hope your enjoying "chair affair" week!

Have you listened to:
gypsy woman by Don williams on this
song list...I come visit the blog just to
hear him sing.
It's the last song.


Kathy Kupferschmid said...

Your blog is wonderful Brenda!! Wished I lived a little closer...I would definitely be in for a visit! I LOVE the industrial rolling cart!

Leslie said...

Hi Brenda, Do you have (or do you know where I might find) a full-size *old* headboard? We've been looking everywhere! Leslie (formerly of Lavender House)