Monday, October 17, 2011

Every LITTLE thing she does is MAGIC

Our gypsy witch 2011 
 is FoRtUnaTe to now be living at Kathys.

 MaGiC WoMaN
FoRtUnE telling GyPsY

OcToBeR MooNs
in Utah this season

Reminds me of a
Joni and I will soon be attending
at Kims.
She goes all out for her friends
she's started a tradition
several years ago.

Fun Fun...for us GyPsY WiTcHeS

Gypsy moons are found on
people send in photo's taken in Utah
for all of us to enjoy.
Indeed we do.

This is just scaring me a little bit!
I'm usually sound asleep by now and as
I type there is NO MooN out tonight.
That's creepy too.

We've been watching some
Steven King shows lately...
have you found the stations that are playing
scarey shows for two weeks?

Vintage gypsy mother photo
HAD to share.
Kind of priceless/timeless


Kellie Collis said...

Sounds exciting! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

The Beaded Pillow said...

Just found your neat blog. I, too, am watching S. King movies ~ The Stand (all 4 parts) is just wrapping up. Anyway, looking forward to your posts and tweets. I have a blog if you'd like to follows...just look for thebeadedpillow.blogspot ~ Karen