Friday, October 28, 2011

Witches Tea Party

An event where the legs and feet
were just as clever as the hats.

Besides the home being dressed head to toe!

It was like a haunted leafy forest as we
excited-ly walked down the foggy lane.
Crunch Crunch
(that's the many leaves under our feet)

Kim Holmes of Salt Lake City 
a fun- funnest customer
invited Joni and I to her yearly
 Witches Tea party.
Little did we know...what to expect.

As we sipped from our tea cups
and dined on the most amusing treats
we realized our friend Kim was a sweet
version of Mary Englebreit.
 this is a "big deal" in her life... this
Witches Tea Party...
she paints her entry walls Pumpkin. 

OH so many vignettes to
entertain her many witch friends.
Through out her home there were
sweetly decorated dining areas
where witches could sit
and do what they do best...
you know.
I must say...
We almost wanted to grab a shopping basket
her collections so cute.

Well, now we can say we have partaken
in the Halloween festivities this season
 having been to our first
Witches event.
For real.
Halloween for us is... work work work.
(okay, we do have lots of fun)

Thanks Kim
for giving us a relaxing fun place to
be a little witchy
and playful.


Mimi Sue said...

Looks like lots of fun! I have those orange knee highs! You've been a busy girls since I've been gone. I'll be in to see you sometime this week. Mimi

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