Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chilly and Chili

Chilly & Chili
Mr. Roses excited to make
Homemade Chili today
(his first try)

Great Harvest Bakery
creates pumpkin bowls
$2.95 for 2

While the witches are flying around the world
Shopkeepers are behind the scenes
working on Christmas.

Not that we forget Thanksgiving
oh no!
Thanksgiving cannot be bought.
We can help make your surrounding cozy
and the grocery store a must.

"Normal" to us and our children.
The Grandchildren probably wonder why is there
Christmas all over grandma's house.

Our new theme revealed Nov. 1st

The shop has baubles of silver,gold and all else
shiny and bright popping around.

Utah Mountains and yards
are glorious in color this fall season

Mr. Roses came in carrying probably
"the last rose of summer"
from the yard
to me this morning.
Brrrr...Chilly and Chili

Pumpkin Bowl Chili
(because it's thick)
1 lb lean ground beef (browned)
1 cup onion
(important cooked till browned)
Stir in 1 pkg. McCormick Seasoning mix, kidney beans (15 oz drained), 14 oz. diced tomatoes undrained
and 8 oz. tomato sauce.
Bring to boil.
lower heat then
Simmer for an hour.
Better even the next day.
You can add sour cream, cheese, salsa if you want it more
like a taco soup.
Enjoy it's easy!

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