Friday, October 14, 2011

porch chairs ...chair affair day 4

chippy porch chairs
make nice backdrops
for granddaughters visiting
one left.
I think.

2 granddaughters
shopping halloween
(this chair sold.)

Green rustic favorite
grandma's rocking porch chairs
2 available
$50.00 each

hugs & smooches
for granddaughter and daughter-in-law

Just heard General store in Layton
corner of Main/Gentile is using words like:
"Chick of a deal"
"Clutters got to go from the coop"
"pecking down the prices"
I have vintage there...
let's go see what's got to go!
reminds me:
There are TWO antique needlepoint
CHAIRS that need some restoring there.
They are priced beyond reasonable okay!
If they aren't sold in a week
I will be tempted to bring them home
and make them a new style.
So be warned!
Their sale starts today thru next weekend.

Our halloween is 30% off this week-end
with a sale room and sales around the shop.
come save money!

I'll be posting a neat vintage chair and 3 tiered
table from the 40's later on.

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