Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just...cause I know your doin' it

With the change of weather this week (brrrr)I know your energy is going towards changing your home
or workplace.
into something more like
a haunted Mansion...
"whatever your fancy"
this season.

Friday I was reading Paula's blog:

which you can always find at
on our bloglist.

When I found 
"vintage inspired"
going on at Marci's.

I met Marci this year.

I LOVE Marci!
Happy and delightful and my

She is married to Steve
raised in West Haven
a friend of my husbands growing up

Low and behold Marci stops
into the shop this same day and I asked if it were possible to
SHARE her Halloween home
on our blog.
She said YES!
Paula took the photo's
THUS the advertising for
their upcoming
event next Saturday in
Pleasant Grove.
(check their blog and yes I love you too...Paula!)

Plus... who doesn't
like this rolling cart.

Which reminds me...
The large metal locker just
inside the shop is now
up for sale.
It's what you call
and a great find

Seems Marci's husband took quite
a hammering to his body on a morning bike ride when He
collided with a car.
So very sorry Steve
BIG hugs and prayers
 to you and Marci from your 
West Haven friends.

Marci claims this
creating came out of much
stress and inspiration 
on a little
trip to Walgreens for medication
 when she found the skeleton.
Thus the beginning
to this amazing end.

With stress... obviously
anything is possible!
(I can decorate for days on end with stress)

I adore the CLASSY
and ooohh SO CLASSY
vintage style, don't you?

Best witches
as you decorate up your home...
I know your doin' it
right now!
I can feel it in my bones
and may your bones heal up fast Steve


Lisa said...

Love it! So sorry about her husband and his accident. Nothing quite so "scary" as that~even at Halloween time. I need to come in's a sickness with me, Brenda. Have anything Thanksgiving yet?

Just a bed of roses said...

Thanksgiving...ummmm, lets see, oh, there are these new brown mercury glass turkeys. Geez, Thanksgiving...I thought that was about lots of food/people/snoring men, women in aprons, singing songs of thanks and all of that.

It can't be bought in a store can it? If so I would have it, pretty sure.