Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shoe Chandalier, glam jewelry, handmade Mothers day cards...

Metal ornate shoes chandalier
on sale: 245.00
reg: 295.00

close up of shoes, they're adorable!

Handmade heart cards of antique 1920's to 1940's
quilts by Karen
Write mom a message it's blank inside,
a nice way to say I love you

You can't beat the price of $3.00 can you?

Loads of glam jewelry (most make a grand statement), arrived just in time!
Come get first pick!

This bow neclace is the most simple of them all, love it!

Our stash of new jewelry is out on the floor now.
Help your husband, I mean children, find you a Mothers day gift you'll love at
Just a bed of roses

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