Saturday, May 28, 2011

5:30 a.m...and Vinca's

SWEET Vinca's
they remind me of a new born baby

Vinca's love sunlight
they are a hardy dainty cottage flower.

THIS is Vinca's planted
I will share this place early this week
It reminds me of Hansel and Gretels house.
2nd clue: it's in Farmington

Our white picket fence prop is down and for sale:

Just a bed of roses  paper bag holder Headboard display selling:

5:30 a.m. I poke snoring husband to get up for the newspaper for yard sales...He sleeps through proding.
zzzzzzzz  zzzzzzz  zzzzzzz
 I get up and wander through the yard,  a beautiful morning and to be honest I hadn't done ANY yard browsing this year.
I start to pull weeds, here and there in bathrobe, soon its an hour.
I crawl back into bed.
it hurts.
We sleep in until 9:00 a.m.
(unheard of for us two.)
I tell Mr. Roses, my YOU have been VERY busy outside, but... I helped you!
Smile on my face.

He arose and off to one yard sale we went:
If you think you know someone controlling and bossy ...if it's not THIS LADY, then
We thought we'd met every kind of personality...
Arriving home I started thinking I must venture out soon to find WHITE PETUNIA'S
because... I saw them in a window display
also pink VINCA'S along a path.
Obsessed now

For 6 hours I planted 2  1/2 flats and re/arranged
garden furniture in our "way to big" of yard for "our age."
filled 3 wheelbarrows.
At 6:00 p.m.
showered. TOOK PILLS. slept hard.

Mr. Roses is required at his employement on holidays...I am not and because Lisa of SAYS I HAVE DEEP POCKETS
being shopowner
I can stay home whenever I want.

I should not be left unattended, because I am like my father, once I get going, it's not easy to get us to stop.
called...NO sense.
Now in pain AND rain pouring
on my fragile baby like Vinca's and
purity white petunia's.
9:30 p.m. Mr. roses arrives home
I share the good news.
He seriously wants to take a flashlight out in the pouring rain.
Because you see...He is like the controlling
yard sale lady, he thinks he owns
our yard. He asked IF I WATERED the new plants.
I stated: did I not feed and raise our 4 babies and insist we rode up to see new 3 week grandson to FEED him this morning.
(Oh ye of little faith and confidence)
I have been known to plant my flowers
and then let them tend themselves.

Like the sign says:
Work Hard
and be nice!

Sunday morning update:
still raining cats and dogs, non-stop.
My vinca's...
so worried, sleeping husband must get-up
and cover them or they will drowned.
This rain is scaring me
How about you?

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