Monday, May 2, 2011

Antique ICE BOX arrival & BIRDCAGES on sale this week

solid oak antique icebox.
newly arrived $425.00

(sorry this photo is really washed out...icebox is a warm rich golden brown patena.)

In its day the nice wooden iceboxes are now what we call the refrigerator.
The iceman would come calling a few times a week with a block of ice to keep your food
such as milk/eggs/cream cold.
  I've never owned an antique ice box...always admired them.They are a charming conversation piece at home or for a cabin setting.
Call shop for measurements if needed.
Missed chance to take a photo of our sale item.So we will do BIRDCAGES...2O% off THIS WEEK.Any birdcage in the shop and we have a nice variety. Next week 2 antique mirrors may come is a triple big heavy one and the other is a large flat etched glass.
I may just blog them for a buyer.
will decide later...
stay tuned! 

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