Sunday, May 1, 2011

She could sure do the Charleston dance...

  She WAS ALWAYS the Center of attention...

   My aunt Lynette just passed away, my mothers younger sister.As my sister prepared a talk we have reflected on our life with her with fond memories this past week.

   Aunt Lynette was immaculate and her hair was never ever out of place, nor anyone elses around her as she always had her hands in someones hair! She would do her husbands hair each day until he suddenly died first just 8 mths ago. 

   Every Christmas growing up I remember her "tradition" of checking out what each person received from Grandmother...just incase YOU got something that SHE liked better.If you had something she wanted had better be prepared to defend your Christmas present!

   They had to adopt their children and her first child died at 1 1/2 yrs. of sudden pneumonia. A big trial to them. Then blessed with a son/daughter whom she totally fussed over almost to a fault.

   She loved huge family reunions, was proud of her Icelander Heritage and usually at the programs sang with her husband, then by "popular demand" or just because she loved to be center of attention performed the Charleston (you know the dance of the roaring 20's!) She was cute, petite and her beautiful smile lit up her face and made everyone laugh and be happy.

   Uncle Jerry worked at Clover Club forever, we looked forward to having potato chips of all kinds at each gathering. As cousins, Potato chips were our favorite part when she had us spend some summer days at her home.

   We were a close family growing up, always going to grandmothers with the cousins on Sundays. At ANY of those gatherings Aunt Lynette would have her sisters stand up with HER in front of US, had them turn around and show their "behinds"...and then ask US "now who's is the smallest?"  She always WON!
   Next it was the Upper "girls" body parts (boobs for those not quite getting it) contest. Neither she or her sisters could win this one... true onto their daughters, us cousins, to see who's were the biggest. It just made everyone laugh and hide our chests!
Of course the men and boy cousins were in the room roaring with laughter!

   We lost her once to Alzheimers and then again when her body filled with infections and she went to her heavenly a bigger family reunion.

   When Uncle Jerry died so suddenly I could not UNDERSTAND this. Understand is "my word" for this year. How could a man with an alzheimers wife/ a sickly adult daughter he cared for be called home first? My husband said "it's someone else's turn to step up to do the caring and to remember that this life is a test with lessons to help us grow."

   Over the next 8 months there was a sister (my mother) and her younger brother/his sweet wife blessing her with their help. The daughter was given a chance to take care of her mother and failed because of some addictions and illness. Her son suprised us and took charge the best he could tho living out of state. 2 children whom she devoted her entire life to now had been given their turn to "give" to their mother and also to dismantle their earthly physical home.

    Can I say Heartbreaking at times.

   Aunt Lynette was the main caregiver to her mother as she too had alzheimers and our grandmother never had a hair out of place and was treated like a queen everyday until she passed on, and she also cared for her father in law in her home until he too passed.

   She was an "angel" caregiver here on earth.
Everyone who knew her was blessed in some way.

   The last few months she did have to enter a care center...and what a suprise to us to find she had finagled her way out the door and had climbed over a 6' fence...she was trying to find her mother so that she could help her.(so she said).  Thus getting expelled. The next care center...the same,she escaped. The next was a lock down center, she tried to escape the last 2 weeks of her life and broke her collar bone and then was bedridden until the end came too slowly.

   During this time her oldest sister loses her husband. Aunt Lynette would have been first there giving her love and care if she could have.
   At the very end her son took her to the home of her aging sisters daughter who is a nurse and they waited by her side until she passed on. 

   Lessons learned thru trials given to us all, and I UNDERSTAND more about God's plan for us. I know that she is in her heavenly home now with those she/we love and miss dearly.

   You were the sweetest person aunt Lynette to all...your life was an example for good and you will be missed, sincerly missed.

   I don't like to say "rest in peace" although it would be appropriate.
   I would prefer to say "go live your new life in beautiful eternity with Jerry Lynn whom you yearned to raise here in this life and your lifelong until we meet again, God be with you.


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