Sunday, May 29, 2011

22 hours of rain and more

UNCONTROLLED WATER...the man told us, he has lived by the Ogden river next
to Lorin Farr Park 50 years.
Water from bridge bottom less than 6" hitting into it
This photo right after 22 hours of POURING non stop RAIN.
Weber county

Same Ogden River another Bridge only closest to Prairie Schooner.
Snowing in Mountains at the time

11th Street and 3200 S. west weber
Muddy Weber River
flooding the fields near it

This is the sad'll see for yourself.
Farmland under water surrounding beautiful home
Location out 12th street West Weber or Warren area.

One side and front of this same home
little goats looking on
Channel 2 took photo's, said over 2,000 acres at least flooded.
channel 2 monday morning.

Other side of this home, much worse

We are on a bridge on top of this river, reason for flooding.
Isn't this high?

Same bridge.
Driving around miles and miles and miles of farmground, saturated,
muddy,puddled, some crops of corn inches up, most unplanted.
Many homes sandbagged, waiting for the REAL floods
expected THIS week.

Haunted Hollow 1900 west 13th street all under water.
It gets deeper every week now.

Lots of carp swimming trying to find deeper water there.

Ominous heavy clouds still 3 hours after these photos taken
70% chance rain through the night.
News said 1 1/4" today
with rain/snow through the night until afternoon Monday
The bright side:
It was nice to drive past the Ogden cemetary, cars lined to get in to pay
their respects to loved ones and the colors brightened up the gloom.

Hanging my head in shame:

on my last post this morning I was crying over a little flat of baby sized vinca's
I worked so hard to plant yesterday and then the 22 hour storm came.
I worried and worried.
Then our drive.
I now must say to myself:
Put on your coat of COMPASSION and GRATITUDE
These are neighbors and our community and state that have their livings in crisis
 it's not over it's just begun
We didn't lose a small loved one in the river today nor our living for the year.
Our home still stands it's not twisted into kindling
I will give thanks and forget my selfishness
what's a few little flowers.

It's time to pray for those in crisis right now.

Hope this finds all we love safe and well.

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