Monday, May 9, 2011

Living antiques for the garden

The antique rose emporium in Texas:  and are places you can order vintage roses.

How did your flower gardens do over the winter? We lost many bushes and 1/2 of the roses.
My husband was afraid too tell me I am sure.

When an article in the newspaper came out last weekend that 299 of 300 rose plants in Ogdens botanical gardens died, then he braved up, realized it wasn't his fault and took me for a walk outside to show me the dead plants.
Did you know that we had a cold front move through in Nov. after it had been so warm, they figure it did alot of damage.

I had specifically picked my roses from The antique rose emporium because I wanted old fashioned styles. You can order a catalog and all bushes sell for 18.95 and ship from Texas.
There are only certain months they ship and they will come as a sturdy stick. But they do grow quickly.

I'm sure the local nurseries carry nice roses too.
Although we are winding down on the home re-do (getting carpet Tuesday, finally yeah!) I wasn't planning on a yard re-do. But it will be kind of nice to have a new look going on out there too...UNLESS...I just wait till next year and do it up right. How about you?

Hope you had a nice Mothers Day..

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