Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pleasant Suprises mom's can have...

What a pleasant suprise it was when walking into Salon Tantrum in Layton yesterday and there was my daughters art work on their walls... aren't they amazing? Not being an abstract lover, so of course the first picture is one of my all time favorites, love the colors and design of the abstracts and suppose that's where more education is needed. They are for sale ,although its hard for her to sell her paintings as she gets kind of "attached". How an artist paints is beyond my knowledge, how does it come out of them? One day I tried ONE art lesson...and discovered really fast that this was not for me, so hard... much harder than ever dreamed.
Will tell you a story about her families "Mission Impossible" event this week, so check back soon.
Since talking about Salon Tantrum they cut and color your hair like artwork too... Danni is mine, she's wonderful and very interesting and knows the Human Art philosophy. You would love any stylist there my daughter and granddaughters use Tommy...they LOVE Tommy in fact, and he is the owner.
So, beautiful daughter of mine, thanks for the nicest suprise!


Susan said...

Love her the colors and I imagine live and in person far more spectacular!!! I am a watercolorist...used to sell in a gallery when we lived in the D.C. that I have a shop I don't have time to color anything!!

Cindy said...

I am blown away! Those pictures are so cool. I had no idea. Has she always painted or was this a hidden talent? She's amazing.