Monday, May 11, 2009

1800's Pioneer Dresser...Whitneys

This very old antique oak Dresser is from the 1800's it was owned by the Whitney family and came across the plains, they were from Wales. It was painted over in the 1950's I would guess and antiqued with a nice light green. All handles are original, and the other two are in the drawer. Not broken anywhere. I forgot to check if mirror was original, I will do that Wednesday.
I'm always asked if its hard to sell neat antiques and not keep them...this is a consignment item and I want to tell you that if it doesnt sell this summer it is going into my workroom as I am in love with it! And its history too.
The little wooden pedestals on each side of the mirror is for candlelight, remember, no electricity in those days, arent we spoiled!
Also got some other pieces, I didn't get around to taking pictures of, did get them cleaned and oiled, even priced.
And life and the summer blog books came in, getting mine out of the car right now before 24 comes on tv and scares me to death...what's Jack going to accomplish tonight? How will they save his life?

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