Thursday, May 21, 2009

A half day with my daughter...

We attended the little girls program, this picture performing their first number, they are dressed in the yellow shirts. Stevi with the brown hair sat down right after that FOR THE REST OF THE PROGRAM, she looked bewildered, very unusual as she is outgoing, maybe a little stage fright? We laughed alot during this program,as each child so unique.
Then onto Mini's cupcakes, on the south side of Sears 8th South...oh my goodness, the Pink Diva was scrumptuous chocolate with pink frosting and a chocolate on the top, way to pretty to eat and worth it, then lunch.
The U-Haul...well thats a whole story on its own for another day (I did make her take off her HIGH HEELS for loading!) but for now, I am going to bed!
Took nice vintage pieces into Re-Creations in Roy, lots of pale hand painted aqua frames,mirrors,coat rack, high chair and some great... I mean great antique wooden slatted chairs, reminiscent to the front of a beach a nice stained glass Pirates ship, antique. They may be closed Saturday and Monday.
Stop by there and the shop Friday, sales going on, more vintage coming in and somemore great traveling bags for the shabby & chic travelers.
We are still deciding on sat. if we are to be opened.


Cindy said...

I'm happy for you to get to watch your darling grandchildren. And Mimi's Cubcakes, what a treat. I'll check it out.

Mimi Sue said...

I definitely was surprised that Kris won. He was in shock, didn't know what to say or how to react. Poor thing. We did enjoy Idol this year. I came in to the shop today with 2 of my friends. We had fun and spent a little money. Just doing my part! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family. Mimi

Heather said...

Does Re Creation have a web site?

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Recreations does not have a website or blog.
Heather, do you belong to the Utah Homemakers sponsered by the Utah board of Education?
I was the state President MANY years ago when my children were young.
You have a really neat blog.