Monday, June 1, 2009

Tall Boy Antique dresser...

The tall boy antique dresser by the front door is for sale Mon. & Tues. for 275.00 reg. 395.00
If it does not sell those two days it will be taken out for painting on Wednesday and taken to Re-Creations in Roy the following week. This is a neat piece, drawers work and have jewelry dividers in some. Some of the veneer at the bottom is chippy.

We also brought in Saturday an antique heavy oak dresser, kind of like an old wash stand. It has been painted cherry red, antiqued and then shows the color underneath the red as aqua. Nice fun antique piece and just needs a few finishing adornments added to it today.You'll adore it Especially if you are loving the aqua/red combinations.

We have a dainty dresser vanity with a cute oval mirror coming to take its place by the front door, if the weather co-operates Tuesday it will be painted shabby white and it will arrive at shop sometime Wednesday.

Sometimes our customers dont remember that our furniture is for sale...could it be that I bury it in merchandise??? Yup, I think your right.


June said...

Hello Brenda,
Just found your blog. I have loved looking around and enjoying myself immensely.
Your daughter's art it wonderful. I too love that first painting. Just beautiful. You must be very proud of her.

jeni said...

Did you say dainty dresser? I will have to see that! Sounds like something I may need.

Mimi Sue said...

You are so right. There is so much to look at you just can't see it all. Your daughter is so talented. Love that first picture too. But the other paintings are gorgeous. Mimi