Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summertime fun around the shop...

What's new? First we have an AQUA grouping of an old wooden stool, 60's metal milk crate, birdcage stand, plant stand and peace travel luggage.(great graduation gift?)
Next hang this upside down as shown, its an antique wash stand towel bar of oak I have painted cream and stained, now you have a QUILT holder.
Oops, the big pansie tubs are not for display. How did that happen?
Our planter totes are selling as suprising and unique gifts...the little yellow sewing machine drawer planted with ivy and pink went out with a pair of our gloveables in lime green and pink polka dots to present for a special friends birthday.The giver couldn't be more tickled...PINK! lol!
There is ALOT more...never get it all photographed.
Check out www.myeverydaysparkles.blogspot and see what she did with our little cloth bags, turning them into invitations to a cupcake party, so clever.She also shows the wicker bench and grouping she purchased this evening at Just a bed of roses. There are alot of tea dyed cloth bags available, have some fun and use your imagination like Jeni did.
I will put together pictures of some gift ideas for this week-end.

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