Monday, May 11, 2009

German glass glitter...selling in Vintage shakers

Over the next few weeks we will be getting German Glass Glitter in several colors and textures...let's be honest, this great stuff is not easy to get our hands on. I was fortunate to have some sharp retailer friends who guided me into "the best" German glass glitter so You and I can do some fun projects this summer.

Our antique shakers are filled with a fine silver glass glitter right now. Aren't they charming? A nice collection of odds and ends shakers is "the thing to do" as far as being Shabby to Chic! On the left is a vintage bedside clear glass water pitcher with a glass on top (they use to do that in the 40' and 50's, it is filled with a pound of fine silver glass glitter with the sweetest antique childs spoon inside and tied with our handmade punk rose tags that says "handle with care".

Today I will be arranging an area with a Primitive, yes, very awesome primitive cupboard, VERY OLD antique high chair, & library side table. I will take pictures today. I will sell them in their primitive original condition.

We could easily get Somerset Life & Blogging books in today, and maybe Romantic Homes.
Hope your Mothers day was as happy as mine. My sister Janine hosted it, her missionary called from Maine and my little granddaughters were boo-hooing because they did not want to leave then my grandson called later to find out when the next party was! That's when you know it was a success! Us Mothers were showered with love and presents, I know many of you were too as we sold some fabulous gifts last week.

Let's get creative... and have some fun with German glass glitter!

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