Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oldies & goodies from the past coming in...

Victorian chic antiques arriving with MUCH MORE beautiful things on Monday. My olde time friend from the 1980's is slowly parting with her treasures and invites me up to see what Just a Bed of Roses customers would LOVE...she can't part with her treasures unless she knows that they will stay adored! I won't disclose her name, she loves her privacy.
She taught me many things about antiques when I had my first shop.Plus we would try to beat each other to a great yard sale...she could always get to and afford the "good stuff" more than I.
All the books which are 100 years old or more she has read, bringing in to the shops about a dozen.
Monday I hope to take pictures of the new set of antique dishes and collectables.

Recreations in Roy is getting the items pictured starting with the black porch chair. And by the way...the Rooster table IS sold (I told ya it would go fast!)I will get in there when the chairs are finished up this week for a final picture.

Let me not forget the ANTIQUE BREAD PAN FLORALS...three more will be planted on Monday...aren't they neat! Smaller ones sold immediatly... so don't hesitate on these. (we have put draining holes in the bottom, thanks to Mr. Roses thinking that it's a must do).


Susan said...

I LOVE the pans with the know what I will be looking for at the flea market this week!!!! Wonderful stuff!!!

Simply Lavender said...

BRENDA!! I am loving it all!!
It's killing me ya know it right?
HA! (this is torture!)

I am going to do one thing tho.....plant one of those bread pans with chicks-n-hens! I have one in my shed!!

Talk later, sweet friend.