Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentines candy & sweet baby hands

This sweet baby hand of 9 month old Charlee just melted my I was taking a peek at I found it and stole this permission asked because I wanted to suprise their grandmother Dixie whom we are featuring this Sunday who owns Lavendar House in south Jordan. Will also feature Annie, Dixies daughter & mother of that little hand whom has a love affair with her camera and anyone in its way...She is getting very very good! Charlee has been a "cry baby" since day one, so when there are special moments in her life her mother is there to capture them with her camera. I love the pictures of her crying, it is what it is and that's just life isn't it? She just captured her first 4 steps if you take a peek at her blog.


Anonymous said...

BRENDA!!!! ARE you kidding me...?
:) Your post made me very teary!
Thank you for such sweet and kind words...and you can "steal" ANY pictures you want!

luv you!

P.S Im still working on my post...whew & *Sigh* lol

Simply Lavender said...

Brenda!!! what a kind kind post you did of Charlee!!
Oh it just filled my heart overflowing with sunshine!!!
It brought tears to this gramma's old eyes!!
Just how D.A.R.L.I.N.G. is that picture??
Oh my stars and garters...I just can't stand it!!
THANK YOU dear friend!!
What a *sweetheart* you are!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful photo - I am off to see the blog! Have a great weekend ~ xo sher