Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspiring work spaces of Extraordinary women...preview

Victoria MacKenzie-Child with her wild rainbow hair shows and describes her adventure of buying a 102 yr old ferry boat to LIVE on...wouldnt you love to know how this came to be and could we just "move in"?
Rebecca Purcell...tells her thoughts on attraction: from a retail perspective, aesthetics that evoke status, envy, power, tradition and lust are prime ingrdients for sales. But there is another side to retail attraction thats gaining ground she calls it: Modernostalgia, its a delightfully eclectic combination of genres and styles that relies on patina, layering, whimsy and nostalgia as its prime attractors. It depends less on insecurity and more on the fascination of charm, preciousness, embellishment, complexity and at time mysticism. Her pictures and thoughts certainly live up to this Modernostalgia. Love her!
Sandra Evertsen has fabulous ideas and pictures using vintage aprons etc for her workspace, she is always inspiring and creative.
Some Utah artists in this book... One that is a writer and one a food artist:
Megan Leonardi has been writing since before she knew how to read. Writing is right up there with breathing and sleeping. she writes anywhere,it unburdens her sould, her mind and heart and to share with the world who she is, her story will delight you.
Romina Rasmussen brought her own brand of pastry to Salt Lake city when she opened Les Madeleines in 2003, everything is made in house from scratch. She tells of baking since very young. She is business minded, a hard worker, takes time for creativity and has high expectations of her staff, surely she inspires them to keep the business as to what she aspires. Lovely pictures of Les Madeleines, 216 E. 500 S. She also has a website where you can find when she teaches her classes, sounds very ambitious, must be delightful.

I could go on and on about this book Jo Packam has pulled together in A+ fashion, I love her beginning the book "at my kitchen table" where she talks about our days, juggling priorities and limitations on our time and energy. Her solutions are admirable and really quite easy. There is so much I cannot wrap my mind around it all, so I will spend the next 3 months just enjoying its rich vibrant colored pictures, learning and being inspired with each word until #3 comes out!
I know you will love it too...
P.S...the hundreds of vintage jewelry pieces are tagged and waiting for someone to take home to be lovingly enjoyed, admired, turned into something creative or gifted.


Mimi Sue said...

I get my allowance on Friday. I'll be in to get my copy! Mimi

jeni said...

I must come and see all the beautiful jewelry. Julie told me that she got some amazing pieces. Thank you thank you thank you for the beautitful antique scoop for my candy jar. I LOVE it!!! You're the BEST!

gail said...

Hi Brenda,, I have really been enjoying your blog. Its just awesome. I cant wait to get ahold of my copy too. Have a great week. ((()))gail