Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank you Thank You Thank You...sniff sniff!

Jill who was our first blog on Women in business and THINGS WE LOVE this week...www.indian did the most amazing story about Just a Bed of Roses on her News and Events section. When you read it you will understand how interesting and generous she is and when I mentioned her and her families sense of humor (including Julie V.) you will see it in its true beauty.

And Jill would you PLEASE PLEASE be my publicist???

I loved how she describes charming and you will learn so much. I will never look at the Courthouse the same each day now that I know Ted Bundy escaped from it...and I did know my idol Beach Boys played at Lagoon. What I don't know is the early history of the building I am in...better put that on my "to do" list this year.
The calendar book I'm reading on the Secret says to say THANK YOU ALL THE TIME...consider yourself THANKED ...all the time!

Oh...and guess who just popped into the shop yesterday...our little famous Jeni B cupcake girl (who taught Martha Stewart!), shes been in Utah for a month and it was so great to visit with her. We will get some of her cupcakes and new designs in for the spring okay and when she comes back to utah hopefully in August we will have a little party with her...sounds fun?


Mimi Sue said...

Sounds like fun. Stay warm this weekend. Mimi

jeni said...

That is so sweet. Julie and Jill are such amazing sisters. I'm so happy for you!