Sunday, January 4, 2009

I LOVE YOU TRUELY...something new

December I was going through a pile of old sheet music which gave me a moment of was this "I love you truely" mother sings it to my father all the time, had to smile when I found it.
This year I would like to theme each month/season and so for January I thought of featuring things WE LOVE. I will begin by featuring a business woman each sunday and see what SHE LOVES and hope you receive inspiration and maybe find new things to add to your love list.
This could get at church a cute gal makes seatbelt handbags, it was quite attractive, maybe I better contact her too!

Many thanks to the Holmes with www.indiansummer who are the brave ones to start us out!
May you find many LOVES this year...lets begin


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda!
My name is Michelle and I am new to "blogging". My super cute friend Annie West is helping me along the way with getting started and suggested I check you out because your store is so awesome and fun and cute and that you are very good at "blog stuff"
She told me to ask you if you wouldnt mind swapping links.
Like I said I am just starting so I dont have much posted yet but I have a ton of great ideas that will be there soon. Check me out at and YES you have a LOVELY site. I will be "following"
Michelle xo

gail said...

Hi Brenda,, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your idea of featuring a new women each Sunday and finding out what she loves! Your blog is awesome! Take care, have a wonderful New Year!
Happy Creating,,, hugs, gail

Anonymous said...

Brenda---Looks like my sweet Friend Michelle found you..:)
luv her stuff!!!

Im going to send you my "info" in the next couple days...we just put our house up for sale...eeeee!
you know how that is...But I will email you some info---I hope its not
and THANK YOU by the way...sheesh, how nice are you?
Luv ya!

Lilli Blue said...

What a cool idea. I am so glad to see a fresh aproach to this blogging thing. I will be hinking of all the things I love now for sometime. I love the rat pack too. I think Dean had the best twinkle of the bunch! LOL Lilli

Anonymous said... again. Thank you so much for replying!! I am so grateful to find fun creative local people to chat with. I will definitely be coming in to your store for my home and clients. I live in North Ogden and work from a studio in my home. I do mostly custom made gift baskets which I have to post on blog...but my love and passion is decorating. I will look forward to your new site and please keep in touch....your new blogging buddy:}

jwh said...

Hi Brenda,
Thank you for the great write up on me and our shop "Indian Summer"! If we got around to listing all the things I really "love"...we could have created a whole new website! When I read about "Wes"....I thought to myself, "now who knows he is my husband of 36 years....he could be my canary whom I list as my soulmate!" I should have been more exact! Anyway, your blog is fun, like you and your shop! I look forward to reading it, and learning more about the other business women that you feature! So glad to hear that "PEACE" is in for 2009! I can drag out all of my 60's and 70's garb I have saved over the need to stop in at "Just a Bed of Roses" and look at your new cute stuff featuring that fabulous peace sign! I will get together an article and feature you and your great shop on my news and updates page ASAP! Thanks again! Happy New Year! Jill / Owner of Indian Summer Native American Art