Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On this day...of historic celebration

It's nice to remember that all things are possible...even your own hopes and dreams of the future. Enjoy this day in which ever way you chose and know we live in the greatest country...GOD BLESS AMERICA and I love our freedom! It takes a courageous man to be president of the United States, especially in these uncertain times. I believe everyone feels hope and we can come together in a way we have never done before.

The shop will be opened most of the day, I will listen to the innauguration on the radio and do some deep cleaning. Hopefully there will be some customers mixed in!


Anonymous said...

Brenda I was so moved today by the new President's speech - I have hope for the future. You are right, All things are possible! God Bless America! xo

Kathleen said...

Hi Brenda..I watched TV off and on all day yesterday. The new president carries all our hope, he has a big job ahead of him. It will be tough, but I truly believe he is the man for the job! HUGS,