Sunday, January 4, 2009

"INDIAN SUMMER" in January

As a shop owner, it's ALWAYS fun to meet other ladies with shops of their own. One of my customers, Julie V's sister came into my shop before Christmas to shop for Julie. Always enjoying hearing what ladies LOVE, I asked Jill her favorite things. So ... Here is her list of her fav's:
"My family...including Julie, are the most important things in my life. Wes is my soulmate forever and ever.
I love the Native American Culture, and I respect how they treat the earth and how spiritual and traditional they remain.
I am interested in anything to do with the PARANORMAL, and am a firm believer in an afterlife.
Love PICO and Stormie and Dino, (the family dogs) and the three cats (and all little critters!)
I love the OCEAN...especially the west coast. Venice Beach is a favorite of mine!
Love to travel...and love ROOM SERVICE!
Like to GAMBLE...I am going to hit a "Progressive Jackpot" on the slots one of these days!
Am still a "Doors" fan, and think it's great that they even had a hit called "Indian Summer"
Love the RAT PACK as well...can just picture the twinkle in Dean Martin's eyes...
Enjoy the U of U UTES...Who just won the Sugar Bowl and are the ONLY undefeated college team in the nation!
Like to read GHOST stories...especially ones that deal with the true hauntings!
Like and sunglasses!
Love Chinese and Mexican food!
Love seals and sea otters...
Love to look in tiedpools at little sea critters...
Love fresh seafood...the "catch of the day" in places like Morro Bay"

Jill and her husand are owners of "Indian summer" an internet shop that specializes in Native American Art. Her shop is based in their home, and their site is an enchanting look at one of a kind HANDMADE Native American treasures. Her home and lifestyle reflects the Southwest and all it's beauty. Jill has earned the respect and trust of the Native American craftsmen over her years in the business and is personal friend with many of the finest artists in our country. A visit to her site is like taking a mini-vacation to wonderful places many of us have never been before. She offers an ever changing variety of Indian pottery, baskets, kachinas, rugs, jewelry, Zuni fetishes and miscellaneous and other items that will delight you.
You may visit her charming shop at: Be sure to tell her Brenda sent you! I KNOW you will enjoy your little getaway. And I need to ask Jill is she's got some great ghost stories I can tell my grandchildren! are going to just have your mouth wide open when you click on their Home Base gallery link...oh my, their home is a wonderful authentic style carried through out the whole place. I had no idea something so wonderful was not too far away from Just a Bed of Roses!

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Mimi Sue said...

She has a gorgeous home. Love the mountains in the fall. Mimi