Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reminded today of something really funny...

For months we had been talking and preparing for our Disneyworld trip...every time I talked to the grandkid we would build the excitement about trick or treating at Disney and what we were going to dress up as, bought the tickets way ahead to make sure we could get in.

So after a big day at Adventure Island we came home to prepare 5 children PLUS ourselves AND get pictures before dark. So we drive 25 minutes to get there, trick or treat bags in hand and we were so anxious to be there. Well...we pull into the parking and the parking attendant started chuckling at us and said " A...honeys...the event is TOMORROW EVENING!!!

Now Shellie is quite a traveler planner and usually doesnt mess up...so she was in complete shock.
And US...we were SO GLAD IT WAS HER MISTAKE...and NOT OURS...in fact we remember her husband saying out loud "glad it wasn't MY mistake!!!
The good news...we just decided it was dress rehearsal and did it again the next evening!
You don't do things like this do you???

Oh...did you realize that you can vote now? Check your voters handbook that came in the mail and you see where the places are to vote if you are interested, we are having lots of new voting customers come in that are curious about the shop and its so nice to meet them.

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