Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the fall Disney goes all out for Halloween
So here we are all dressed up in sunny Florida to go to disneys "not so scarey" Halloween party.

In an earlier post I shared that we went one night too early!!!

This is Stevi and Caprese...we rode rides until 1:00 a.m. that's because little Caprese would throw herself down after each ride and cry "more, more". Obviously she loved it, we all did.

So my favorite part of the whole trip is a picture that I think got erased accidently. Picture this: little caprese is the princess and her dress is big fluffy netting...at 1:00 a.m. they are closing Disneyland and she just collapses to the ground head first and all you can see is a big fluffy pink netting...nothing else!!! So we joked about her melting...she's melting. That was 2 theme parks in one day...we were all ready to melt.

Epcot Center is beautifully landscaped acres with like a lake/big pond in the center, you walk over bridges, along a path and discover quaint villages filled with gift shops, eateries that represents many countries all around the world. Like Paris has a big eiffel tower and pastry shops. It's a busy place, you see people from all over the world enjoying the shops. There is a big aquarium where you can scuba dive, some educational rides, & food.When going through England look who we discovered...why it's Mary Poppins! What is so cute about this is that the night before all of us watched Mary Poppins the movie (hadnt seen it in 25 years!) and the children just laughed themselves silly. Funny Movie! Note: This is my daughters family and her neice is the oldest girl 11.

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Kelly said...

Cute, cute grandkids Brenda. And I love those witchy tights-- what a wild woman you are hee, hee.