Saturday, October 25, 2008

Haunted HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN party and angels...

My daughter and her husband went to a Haunted Hollywood Halloween party last night, its the one where I showed the invitiation was a finger in a pretty black box, she said it was lots of fun and creative. I'm hoping she can add pictures to this post this weekend.
Some of the costumes were: Dorothy & husband dressed up like a tornado (quilt batting wrapped up like a tornado with little doll furniture etc stuck on it. Her husband was King Kong, she was the girl he was in love with. The broke back Mountain couple, they came as 2 cowboys with pills in pocket and a little rolled up sleeping bag. There were more... but I was almost asleep when she called, she will have to jog my memory.
They had thriller playing, the haunted movie playing and something else. I will have her ad the other details. I remember her saying something about Karaoke too.
Just after that phone call my sweetest sister Janine called and said her son had just been in a vehicle out in grantsville that had got hit by big tanker truck. Their vehicle missed death by 1/2 of an inch they were told and ben was behind the driver that got hit. She talked to Ben only for a few minutes and he was probably in shock and was starting to hurt. He also went with his cars driver to find the driver of the truck who had been thrown out and to help him until life flight came. Ben is a very mature just 14 year old.
so thats the reason I am up early...hoping to find the story on which its not on it so I will have to find more out later this morning. I just love Ben, and so thankful he will still be with us. My sisters world evolves around her 4 sons, so this is very tramatic for all of us. He was on the last scout outing of the season, they were going to tell angel stories around the campfire he had told his mom before they left, and she'd had an uneasy feeling before he left... I think they have experienced angels saving their lives, dont you?
So here is an update on the accident: The truck that hit them was going 80 mph and was passing them, it was also a 3 tank explosive carrier that had just dumped its load. It rolled the length of 3 football fields and the driver got thrown out. My 14 yr. nephew had to comfort him, put his new hoodie on the man, run getting sleeping bags to warm him and turned off the truck that was still running. So he is a hero in my eyes. He is taking this so well as far as in a spiritual way. He is mentally truamatized for sure and probably needs to rest today, but he wants to go visit the truck driver today in the hospital (isnt that sweet) to let him know that he is forgiven. Thats all the man kept saying was that he was so sorry, please forgive him. It could have been so deadly.
The mans wife had told him to get home safely as they were waiting to go to a movie as a family. So prayers for the drivers family too. My sister cant cant be more thankful than have her son and all his friends alive.

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