Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween just has to go!

Oh yeah...I just got this computer set up to allow pictures, so I will add the ones thats been collecting the past month when I take little breaks today. I'm so excited!
A quick note here...as I was putting up Christmas in the shop yesterday I discovered something really important...HALLOWEEN JUST HAS TO GO!!! So this week, well... just tues-friday as SATURDAY it will be boxed up and out of there, it is on sale for 40% off, that's the lowest it will go so come in and save. We still have some awesome Halloween/fall decor left.
Besides...you can get a peek at our Christmas and get an early start! tuesday/wednesday I will be home cleaning house as our grandchildren are coming for a party/sleepover Sat. night. The car will be loaded up with more Christmas for the shop & finishing up holiday florals, plus some tea staining of vintage linens.
Hope you too are enjoying your spectacular fall days!

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