Monday, October 20, 2008

Fussy fussy computer, just wont let me add pictures

I was able to add this picture though...I wanted to post some pictures of Disney trip with the grandchildren, may have to wait until my real computer gets back home.
Anyway...Shellie would think this was the best place on the trip...she found a Betsy Johnson store and my husband will tell you she dissapeared in here for hours...she got some fabulous dresses & shoes for half price though. Me...ahhh, they don't carry my size!
I also want to add that I hope to not be insensitive to anyone at this time mentioning a vacation when our country is in economic distress, our way of life & jobs are changing and we are not sure how things will play out in our lives. We had planned this for some time to travel with our daughters family before the economy started its crumble. Traveling with grandkids is not for the weak either...I'm grateful to do this before getting into my 70's as I would never make it...of course the kids would be married by then too! Seems we always had at least one child having a melt down! Dont get me wrong though, they were darling and really good and the boys were collecting the collectors pennies, you know where the machines smash the pennies...they loved it.

I know how to count to 5 really easy every 30 seconds I was counting children everywhere we went.

I do want to show you some neat places in case a family trip is in your near future...we also loved staying in 5 star vacation homes...(on the internet)...big beautiful homes where you can fit 12 or more easily...(hey, the more the merrier, don't you think?) pool attached to home, home theater, decorated rooms, the kids room was painted like a pirates with 2 bunk beds, tvs every room, internet access, a bit calmer than staying in noisy hotels.


Kelly said...

How fun for you Brenda! I'm so glad you had a good trip with your grandkids-- when you fully recover, you'll forget the pain involved ;-) They'll always remember their adventure with you!

Jenni B said...

Glad to hear you're back! It sounds like you had a blast! I hope you get your computer to add pictures soon because I can't wait to see the awesome house you stayed in!

Jenni B