Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 Now where was I...let's see, just several weeks ago we were enjoying yellowstone and island park...with our family.
I was happily sharing when interrupted by husbands back surgery and a hoarders auction I traveled to that I had waited 3 years, I could not miss...besides I did it for YOU! (just wait until our Nov. EVENT...YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! (I love hoarders, oh, how I love them). Husband is recovering well  and tagging vintage and Christmas as he watches all the oldies on tv...what more could a guy ask for?

 The springs is a fun place to walk, the water is warm, mossy in beautiful shades of green, it's shallow, crystal clear you can see the fish. Ducks swim and quack in groups for food, why of course there is a vending machine. This place is several miles from Robins roost convenience store. Look closely there is a tiny cabin in the background and a waterwheel house.  

This place has a bridge to walk,  almost like a fairy land.

There is a mama moose with her baby...can I say my son in law got a little toooooo close for one of those "Vacation photo's" and she started to charge us...I turned and ran for my life...not sure I have ever ran for my life should try it, it's NOT SO EASY! (no one got hurt, but the camera/phone went flying and he had to go back).

Inside Yellowstone this giant Elk meandered into the famous
square filled with business' hotels, eateries and lots of tourists...they too began their vacation photo sessions, police arrived to set up barricades to keep them away while the moose simply laid there, probably just amused at all the attention he was getting. It's their territory! Got to love it.

Bear hugging in Idaho falls @ the falls, always a nice stop.

The "witch fairy" always comes to the grandchildren when they spend the night with grandma, never fails, anytime of the year. This event I centered around Halloween, since it's the "witch" fairy. 
This is when I am thankful for blesses my life
every single day. This is ghost s'mores for the campfire.

This morning she gifted individual packs of caramel popcorn
found at the amish store in Willard. 

The first night the girls got "witch" pillowcases with smaller pillows for traveling. The boys got the Owls fabric.
We made paper chains of halloween paper, painted fingernails, told ghost stories around the camp fire and best of all my son was the funniest and I mean funniest fortune teller to everyone. I even learned how to gamble with dice for quarters...can I say I won..ALOT of quarters. 

Happy Owloween...thanks for letting me share.

I hope that your month of October will be extra fun...and if you get stuck on needing an idea you can always go to the shops pinterest boards, I try my best to pin away!

May  I...  jump on my soapbox:
okay Government...
let's get this job done.
 I just hate seeing our National Parks 
closed down, what a shame. People of every nationality were visiting the park. I've heard in Utah there are some unhappy travelers.

This is just dumb.

Just know you'll agree! 

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