Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chandalier takes it place

We brought the chandalier that hung in the shop 7 years to our home before Carls surgery. We are sure enjoying it's light and beauty. We have a large entry way, and it's just perfect there.
It even lights up, at the shop we never could find the electricity to it...old buildings!

I was going to post more Christmas today but now my camera has gone missing. I am SO OVER Halloween this year, packed it all away at home. Since we did Halloween things in Sept. with the grandchildren, I guess it's okay.

  This will be our last Christmas at the shop and I'm so excited to make it happen. Christmas stockings, ribbon, reindeer,wreaths, rusty jingle bells, mercury glass have arrived, so fun to unbox.

Christmas seems so magical...but we all know we are the ones who make it magic for everyone else, right! (and that's okay).

What's left at the shop is 1/2 off...and the pumpkins and assorted items are reduced to $5.00 instead of 10.00  they have to GO! 

still no camera....WHERE is it now???

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