Friday, September 27, 2013

I was going to do that...

We have 30% off most anything in the shop thru Oct. 26.

Not going to say..."hurry in" for the best of the best! 

The shop is still up for the mean time we carry on business as usual. I'll gladly entertain any offers while I wait on a few that are trying to work out their $ and plans. Money has a way of talking, doesn't it? 

The shop will CLOSE Oct. 28th thru Nov. 16.

During this time Joni, I and some others are working away on Vintage Christmas that will the whole week of Nov. 16, the
week before save your $$$.

The shop will have all new vignettes, handmades and vintage Christmas. I also have a buying trip lined up. Fingers crossed it's a great one. Now Mr. Roses is retired I can keep him busy fixing up stuff ( oh darn, he had his back surgery a week ago...guess he will need to recover pretty darn fast, but he can tag stuff?).

Now you know!

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