Sunday, October 27, 2013


 ONCE UPON A before and around the 1960's  girls and women wore gloves for many occasions, it was a part of their everyday outfits. Not just for warmth. 

Here you can see 9 pair hanging as a garland, you can see the different sizes and shapes, but it is hard to see their textures of satin, knit, leather, polyesters. 

 Here is a pretty design tea dyed color adorned with a vintage brass pin and pearl...for sale at the Acorn holiday show this coming Saturday/Sunday. (all gloves shown here will be for sale there). 

 Knubby design with an elegant broach pin drapes a grouping of antique books.

 Gloves boxes were common in a home. Usually placed upon a dresser/vanity. This is a romantic wooden box, others are made of satins or leathers and long. 

When was the last time you thought about a memory wearing a pair of vintage gloves or someone you knew who wore gloves?
I have a prom photo wearing gloves that went to my elbows.

Gloves were worn throughout the day in different styles, depending on what your were doing. 

and that was "Once upon a time."

Note that on Nov. 15th when we reopen for Christmas, we will  have a nice selection in style, color and textures  of vintage gloves for you to purchase. If you can't wait...there is the acorn holiday show at the weber county fair grounds this weekend.  

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