Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Putting the Pedal to the metal...Once upon a time

 Wide rim tire womans bike will be at the Acorn holiday show this weekend, all original, could be used if it had new tires. Ouch, maybe a padded seat? Christmas was usually the time you asked Santa for a new bike. I'm guessing this is a late 40's maybe early 50's.

On the topic of METAL...how about a rustic pair of roller skates.
These skates were used "once upon a time"
say in the 1950-60's

Metal garden flower pitcher and butterfly tea light holder or I would fill with chocolate. The Pitcher is filled with a mercury glass colored tinsel branch...are you getting excited for Christmas? These will also be at the shop Nov. 15th. The red tree in the wooden spool will be at the Acorn show this weekend. These are new with nice old patina style.

Metal keys...brass. silver. Once upon a time Keys were used
as Keys for starting up a car. truck. tractor. Now they are objects for art. Not complaining! (at the acorn and shop).

Just purchased...84 zinc lids with glass inserts...here is your chance to get your jars a topper. Glass jars with zinc lids have been very popular again this year and we have been completly out of them. They come...and then they go.

Union Pacific Railroad bucket...I'm going to have to research what they did specifically with the buckets. Maybe you know.

Once upon a time... someone had more patients than Jobe.
Each circle on this metal tree has been handmade and each end has been cut in tiny slices...THEIR FINGERS HAD TO BE BLEEDING didn't they? This was an estate find in the Ogden area. 

Price yet to be determinded...it's one of those rare pieces of
Christmas art that's not duplicated. The base is wooden sticks covered in a foil and lights are inserted in each center. The lights do not work...and I would rather keep original.

Once upon a time...someone was really really awesome to make this...has anyone else ever seen anything like it?
It too will be at the acorn show this weekend. sat. sunday.

(one of those things we SHOULD keep...but we are at the stage in life an airline ticket sounds kind of fun!)

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