Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Suprise gifts

A little box came in the mail today
it took me 5 mins. to "get into it"
just sayin' Dixie!

Handmade and stitched with love

Vintage friends know what each other would love...
"anything vintage" like these salt spoons
with a scripture that brings meaning to them.


Handmade plantable snowmen were tucked inside:
Plant the snowmen in the garden in springtime
enjoy wildflowers as they bloom.
there are seeds molded into these handmade snowmen
for your friendship and your tiny wonderful creative details!

Here is a gift idea that came together much better than I had expected:
2 grandsons will be traveling and I always pack them
 airplane bags for entertainment and snacks when I go with them,
kind of a tradition.
(Only I am not going on this trip.)

 I wanted these to be more in Christmas gift style.
These blue and green food bags are awesome, 7.00 at bath and beyond.
love the colors, perfect size to fit in healthy snacks, game, game books etc.
Maybe I can  fill them up for future travels.

same for the 2 girls 7-8 years old...
bigger bags because their inside gifts are larger.
all will be marked "top secret"
untill they are sitting on the plane.
Don't you love suprises and suspense!

Do you buy yourself stuff when out Christmas shopping?
I know our customers do that frequently!
I do it EVERYTIME, never fails.
I love these (I think)
when you need arch support without a shoe on...perfect.
I've been told not to walk anywhere with barefeet
hopefully this is the solution.
They can be worn with slippers and shoes.

happy shopping...
see you
this week 10:30-5:30-6:00
and all of next week, the week before Christmas

we have some lovely gloves/scarves/christmas stockings and more
that are going to slip in for last minute gifts,
fingers crossed they get here by Friday.

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