Sunday, December 2, 2012

Glamping with Girlfriends...Mary Jane Butters

Author Mary Jane has always been a pioneer for Women. I love that when she was in high school she took on the State about women being able to wear pants to school...we are of the same age, and I remember getting sent to the principals office, senior year,for wearing  levi's! She graduated in 1971, same as I.

Mary Jane's motto: remain playful, no matter the struggle, whatever the outcome. "give us liberty or give us...root beer floats and popcorn." Gee, I was raised on that food!

The more I learn about her the more I love her. I love that her lifestyle is organic in food and products, that's why we carry her magazine. She brags that "going granny" has been her most important accomplishment to date, so Down to earth as I see it.

Mary Jane came up with the idea for an International glamping celebration, first she knew glampers would love the idea of a designated outdoor fun and second the glamping trend was catching on big time.  and international glamping week-end June 1-2nd 2013 a weekend dedicated to glamorous camping was set!


I've been pouring over the pages of this whitty and cleverly written book that makes you laugh out loud, inspires you to live outdoors some with grit, grace and glam, and she is here to walk you through it step by step with NO DETAIL missed. Entertaining, informative, beautiful photo's.

About 10 years ago I got a yearning to do this glamping thing...only there was no book. 
Had there been one, just maybe I would not have given up after my first try. I bought a little trailer on my own...(mainly because my husband said he was done with camping and trailers, beings he has a bad back)  so I took a few grandchildren up above Kamas with relatives and we froze (in July), grandsons just did not "get it" so I came home and sold my cute little trailer. All those fancy dreams of Just a bed of roses trailer did not materialize...and I was happy.

Not that I had never done camping...I was the oldest of 5 and my parents put us in the camper and off we would go each summer. When my 4 children were of age I always wanted to
take them camping...we bought a 16' and off we'd go...sometimes good, sometimes not so good, lots of tiring work, and a load of memories $$$ can't buy with all the relatives. 

Up until last month we had a family cabin, my parents owned, again 16 years of memories that $$$ cannot buy, and now it's someone elses turn to enjoy this cabin. That was as close to 
glamping as I wanted to get. Besides I have bear phobia and not patient enough to fish.

so darn it... this Mary Jane come out with this inspirational book on glamping.
and it's starting to spark something inside of me.
 Yet I am shoving it down...saying NO NO NO, it's not for you, it's too cold, it's too hard, you love flying and motels and have ALL THESE PLANS for foreign countries to see, besides you own a business that requires you ALOT. 

I'll just say this...I am going to entertain this Glamping into my life someway or another, I don't know when or why, but I will come up with something.
I will use positive affirmations like I'm not too old,
it's not too hard...
I have time for this
I will love it because it's not the same as before
it can be done HEALTHY STYLE now (before it was hot dogs, pepsi, marshmellows and pork and beans),
and I will see America in a new way.
My glamper will not be too cold or too hot.
I can see having all the grandgirls going with!   (really???)

Think I am ready to  4,000 or more dues paying members of Maryjanes farmgirl sisterhood. 

More blogs/websites found in the book: glamping

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please let us know about your Glamping thoughts and travels!

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