Thursday, December 20, 2012

Runs in the family...

Time out for some HOLIDAY FUN!

How would you like to come home to this giant snow fish?
My sister did...
Because of my youngest brother Danny and his son.
Danny has 3 girls, one boy...girls are in the Nutcracker.
Do you think this is how they escaped

Creativity runs in the family?

Merry FISHmas Sandra!

Elf on the shelf Ellie is living at my oldest sons home
he has 2 little girls.
They couldn't figure out how Ellie came into their room without
them hearing and carried her barbies to the sink!

Out of the mouth of babes...LOVE granchildren, don't you?

Here they are waiting to see Santa at the family party...
I could blackmail them in their teens with this photo
couldn't I?

not expected results!

First visit with Santa...
can I just say...TERRIFIED!

Caprese didn't have any trouble telling Santa what she wanted...
Whoa...does she take after her grandmother or what!

Chloe dressed warm in PINK her favorite color

What is Christmas without the children?
Innocent and believing.
Tonight my granddaughter saw the temple all lit up
she exclaimed
"is that where the princess lives!"

Better watch out...Santa is packing his sleigh.

The time of year we carry out traditions.

The pinata is my husbands family party entertainment.
Parley held the pinata by the rope adjusting it up and down
teasing the little ones for maybe 30 something years.

This Christmas cancer took his life and a week ago
he was laid to rest. 
He will be remembered every Christmas
as the Pinata teaser.

we know that some of you too have lost loved ones this season
so here is a big hug, may you find peace.

Enjoy the good moments!

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