Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Baby...closed today

Ice fishing sleds for Grandpa and grandson
they aren't afraid of the cold and snow!

Antique mother had 5 bags for her 5 children to pick from.
Luckily I got first pick.
I can smell antique even when it's bagged up!

This one is from my mothers grandmother who was the mother of
George Reynolds, Brigham Youngs Secretary and Secretary to
two other prophets.
Now called my history quilt and the ONLY thing I own from
any of my ancestors.

can any of you quilters date this?

This one from my fathers side of the family.
My grandmother Shepherd always quilted.
My siblings recieved quilts which my dad has quilted,
even the cabin quilt my parents had on their bed.

Snow days... nice to snuggle with a book.

The psalms were written to provide comfort,
perspective and spiritual solace when we are going through our
own trials.

A present
from my husbands sister.
first boy is my husband 60 years ago
and his younger brother on the end.

Present of Health I gave to my parents.
I will be getting back into healthy stuff really soon here,
be warned!

It's so fun to have my end of the year bookwork
 interruped with a cute baby and his new toys from Santa,
we stop and play ball often,
Laugh and giggle.

Thursday...the shop is closed
if the roads clear up we may go down.

We will be opened Friday. Saturday.
(inventory is necessary)
look forward to Yellow sticker sales
for January
along with some new events for the year.

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Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

That's a beautiful quilt! Lucky you!

Happy New Year!