Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eve of LUCKY 2013...healthy rich treats

sharing OUR CHOICE of "goodies" we've had thru the Christmas holidays

sharing labels
high grams of fat are usually healthy fats.
dark chocolate/nuts... a little goes a long way.

a warning should come with this bag...
you think it's possible to control how much you eat,
but you CAN'T!
(bag is empty, not buying another for a long time).

Need your healthy nuts CHOCOLATE coated?
equally as dangerous
but not if you control yourself.
(this bag has 4 pieces left!)

I reached the 30 lbs. off goal for the year.
(and kept it off, that's amazing for me).

Join me for losing 25 lbs. this year...
that's only 1/2 lb. a week


Weigh in: MORNING Jan. 1st
(keep a journal or go to for journaling)

I have a great customer story, I'll see if he will share it here in Jan.

One of our favorites for eating healthy
you CAN AFFORD if your eating  healthy
because you do not buy so many other things.
Perfect for New Years eve/day food.

I talked about Taco soup recently...don't forget the main ingredient
HIDDEN VALLY RANCH dry dressing mix.
(3 beans, black,kidney and great northern white,
 corn, hamburger, homemade tomato soup base bottled, onion.)
You can add the stuff on top, but we don't bother.

little packet for snacking

enough of healthy rich treats!

Our theme for 2013 has been published
in the new century collectors Jan. edition

 New Years Day
The 13 R's theme for the year
will be announced!

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