Sunday, December 9, 2012

60's Cardboard fireplace bring on the memories!

Oh my heck...I can hear you!
It's an electric cardboard fireplace from the 60's
complete with light and spinner to look like a real fireplace!
This one is immaculate and COMPLETE.
(guessing it had been used one season)
Has a black mantle
some would hang their stockings with pins to this mantle.
(this has NO pinholes).

Here it is glowing in the darkness.
It will be sold all put together like it is shown.

this is the rectangular box
even though it is not immaculate like the contents
its intact and not bad for its age.

this vintage fireplace will be in the shop
selling price $125.00

One the back of box it has a cut-out of santa/reindeer
luckily no one cut it out.
I'll note, this is the only fireplace I have ever come
across for selling in my 35 years of collecting.
We decided not to hold on to we know
that things like this needs to be enjoyed and loved,
and at our age we think someone else could do so better!
I know...we're nice like that!
Not sayin' it wasn't a huge temptation.

also MONDAY's arrival of a 40's ski picture
colors still vibrant and it's a nice piece.
in its original frame

Vintage nativity
pricing on the bottom of each piece says 10 and 15 cents
would that be early 50's?
made of a heavy plastic, doesnt break when dropped.
*just sayin' for when the kids play with it
22 pieces in all.
I'm always happy when baby jesus is still with the nativity!

Our green Christmas trees will be available
at 3/4 off their original price:
tallest 50.00  shortest 40.00
You could buy all three at these prices.
and perfect if you decorate trees for charities.
These will be available on Thursday
let me know if you need sooner
we can make other arrangements

2 white trees, same style same pricing
one large, one small
and we have them all set up.
they are called pencil trees,
they remind me of poddles and they
are oodles of fun to display with.

plus two in golds with strands of silver
again...same pricing and styles

sparkly glitzy Christmas bells Pendant
large size
also a Christmas green chair coming for thursday

on all purchases this week we have a complimentary
christmas sachet sample for you

ho ho ho!

The week before Christmas we are hoping
to be open the full week.

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