Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Photography: Pretty as a Picture

When I graduated from both high school and college I looked forward to having photos professionally taken of me because it symbolized that I had made it through a segment of my life. This segment of my life was something I was proud of, so naturally it was fun to showcase this via photography. When I graduated from high school for my photos I posed in a beautiful vintage gown with lace and ruffles, that fit in perfectly with the columns surrounding me. My mom has this picture framed and centered in our piano room today. I don't have this picture on my computer to show you, but I do want to show you other beautiful pictures that remind me of the occasion.
I admit sometimes I wish I could get my pictures taken again, because it's fun in a way getting all dressed up and pretty. You get to show off that you've graduated high school or college and you also get to choose where you want your pictures taken, which is also fun. I happen to love vintage settings for taking photos and I know for a fact that there are a few elements that shouldn't be forgotten when it comes to capturing vintage photos that will last a lifetime.
Pastel colors definitely come to mind when taking vintage photos. With their subtle coloring and romantic tones, pastel colors are definitely a key element in vintage photography. Apply this to your photos via a light colored dress or implementing pretty elements such as lightly pink flowers like in the image above. 
Another beautiful element to include in photography? Besides a beautiful vintage dress, of course, is your flowing locks. Hair extensions are perfect for this type of photo shoot if you'd like to add more body to your hair and have the perfect amount of pretty waves.
Another important aspect of vintage photography is the setting that you choose. Do you want your pictures taken in a meadow, bedroom, or on a bridge near the water? Wherever you choose your setting to be, make sure to set up the appropriate props too. I love the props in the above picture because the photographer incorporated vintage suitcases and fun books (with the pages organized in the shape of a heart), for the graduate to be lying near.

Making moments last a lifetime means being creative and finding a photography setting that you will love to look at time and time again. Wearing an outfit that's pretty and styling your hair the way you want to remember the time period by is also important. Have fun and you will enjoy reminiscing about memories and times spent during your times in school and other monumental occasions.

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