Tuesday, May 15, 2012

89 degrees

The sound of lawn mowers, children playing in outdoor swimming pools, the lawn sprinklers greening up the newly cut grass, motorcycles buzzing by,lazy cats stretching,
neighbors riding bicycles, walking the
country roads, doors open to let a cool breeze
blow through the house.

89 degrees

I FINALLY picked out a fence for our BACK YARD
no no no for a front yard fence,
it's been a 15 year decision as...

I am NOT a lover of vinyl fencing.

My style would definitly be a tall antique iron fence...it just doesn't work in the country nor does wood, I need one to hide the WEEDS and have BOUNDARIES between the lawn and garden.

I'll be okay,
it will be nice and we will enjoy it.

SPRINGTIME...full of new beginnings,
the fields around us have newly planted corn popping their heads from the ground,
the ostrich ferns are reaching 4' tall,
hostas are grand in size, hundreds of delicate pink roses are peeking into the bedroom,lilacs bushes spreading their sweet fragrance, the tomato plants taking their place in rows
in the rich composted earth for the summer.

(Mr. roses has worked his butt off on this acre getting rid of winter weeds and working the garden ground).

 89 degrees

we had lunch outside at Kelly H's
Teri Yaki grill
new to West haven

Please go, it's even healthy

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