Monday, May 7, 2012

A Romantic and Elegant Picnic for Two

During the spring and summer it's nice to go out and enjoy a romantic picnic just for two, don't you think? With all of the pretty details and yummy food, an elegant picnic is exactly what you need to experience during the warm months ahead.

So what makes a picnic romantic? 

Well there are several details that make a picnic come together perfectly. Here are some lovely pictures that show you how to put together a perfect picnic and offer inspiration. And of course buying Picnic Baskets that will pull the whole look together will be the first step to make your your dreamy picnic come true.

With a beautiful quilt, a pretty dress, and dandelions from nature two people will have a wonderful picnic just by enjoying one another's company. Sounds grand, doesn't it? Pack your favorite food, wear a gorgeous dress, and have your man dress up too. You'll both feel like it's your first date all over again.
What about an elegant evening picnic? This picture demonstrates beautiful lighting and a table setting that's stunning. With green trees and the perfect picnic table setting, this picnic will be the perfect backdrop for romantic wedding pictures or just to enjoy an evening with a loved one.
Let your imagination run wild and create a romantic tepee picnic. With a soft quilt, a few picnic baskets, and a gorgeous scenic backdrop, your picnic will be perfect. Not to mention the fruit and goodies that you bring along will be delicious!
If you have an old car and want to take it for a spin, pack up a picnic and take your old Cadillac to a nearby park. Set up the picnic accessories on top of the old car, but just be careful not to spill! You can lean back against the car and look at the nature around you while enjoying delicious snacks and a wonderful picnic lunch.

So are you ready to have a romantic picnic? Pack up the perfect picnic food and be on your way - there's plenty of romantic ideas to create so that you can make a lovely picnic lunch or dinner for two.

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