Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She wanted...take me out to the ballgame

Aunt Jane, 83, wanted the song "take me out to the ballgame" sung at her funeral...she loved to sing, swing a bat, made herself available to attend every ball game of her children and her 44 grandchildren!

 Her life was made available BY HER for those she loved...ALWAYS. She honored her mother and father their whole lives.

She loved EVERYONE... and they knew it.

Her very modest home was always spotless yet filled with her loved ones, her choice, she, was a home body. Wordly possession's were not her importance in life. Her family was her importance. She married at 17.

Her children and grandchildren just wore the heck out of her furniture and she would just place a doily over the worn spot.

 There were sleepover parties always, eating of her famous chocolate cake and icecream when you visited. I'll share the recipe, it's the only chocolate cake we ever make.

 One day, in the earlier years (they had 2 girls, 3 boys) Bud, her husband came home with a basketball set-up for outdoors, asphalt and all...she said "Bud we can't afford this!" He said "Jane we can't afford not to."

He was right. It paid off.

 The children and grandchildren spoke of it's importance, the activities in her backyard,their small home where they would cram in and just be together...a refuge, the grandchildren stated.

They all loved the outdoors and so many camping/fishing/hunting trips, & campfires.

They wore red shoes at the funeral...because she said "RED shoes go with everything!"

I have warm memories of aunt jane 50 years ago, the days they did not talk about at the funeral. The days we were young, we got together for every holiday with lots of homemade foods and play.Jane nursed all her babies for the LONGEST time, we teased her.

Those were the ironing days.
She always had the ironing board by the front door, and there she ironed everything including sheets,pillow cases & tablecloths, so many white shirts and dresses.

She was a hard hard worker, besides always fussing over someone or something.

When I had sleep-over's there, her sons teased us girls relentlessly. WE LOVED IT. In the morning we always had to get the home spotless and then we could do what we wanted.

They always had a hunting dog. Uncle Buds sidekicks, which added entertainment to the conversations.

I figured out it's BECAUSE OF HER I have a few famous swear words. She was spunky and at the ballgames, NOT the quietest person! 

My parents visited her (my mothers sister) the day she died, they had no idea that after they left her side she would die an hour later.

She had alzheimers and her heart was tired.

Her daughter was fussing over her and Jane looked at her and said "Oh, don't fuss, I'm going HOME...and she closed her eyes, her spirit going up to the heavens to be with her parents, husband and her daughter susan.

How could we be sad?

Just thankful that we were able to enjoy so many years of her sharing her live with us.

Her family, all of them are just like her, they all have quite a sense of humor so it was fun to be with them. She will continue on and on because of her good example, her love of Jesus Christ and her famous words to "just love them".

Before I close...can I just say I have never ever seen so many cheesy funeral potatoes!
I didn't partake, although they smelled so good. Luckily there was ONE healthy salad, thank you person who made that one!

Enjoy your heavenly home Aunt jane, your peace and rest was well earned.

They did not sing "take me out to the ballgame"  at least not out loud anyway!

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