Tuesday, May 29, 2012

another day at the beach...naturally!

Huntington Beach California

Lots and Lots of sandy beaches
volleyball. sandcastles. sun soaking.

Pier attraction
walking. fishing. dreaming.

Keeping the old, new.

Ocean view room
relaxing. sea foods. shopping.
room service!

early morning activities
walking. surfing. getting feet wet.

Can you ever get enough?
foilage. succulents. tropical trees.

and sunshine

Found ONE antique shop
oh happy day!

delicious discoveries...
why eat a cupcake when you can have these?
yes I sampled all three,
you would too!
North of Johnny Rockets

Brave grandson in new hat
whom I love
He's growing so tall and getting so healthy
in a Natural way
we...love them!

The new issue of
Jeanne D' Arc Living is in!
It's a Must have for summer travel
this book is like a breath of fresh air and sunshine

Hoping your summer, too, is off
to a very good start.

see you
thursday. friday. saturday.
because vintage matters!

1 comment:

Ocean Dreams said...

Looks like a beautiful day at the beach - I love that beach in particular. We were not too far away; we were at Manhatten beach. Glad you had a nice long weekend!