Wednesday, May 16, 2012

empheria pocket pillows

Peggy has diversified her pillows

French naturalistic

Vintage lacy patina pockets
arriving thursday

Diversified way to drink your water...
Kim Lyons: Fat flush water
she suggests to try this 10 days

I still have plenty of those FAT cells
so, yes I will try it!

fill pitcher with well water or filtered water
add the following sliced up without peels:

1 slice or one grapefruit
(the vitamin C turns fat into fuel and cleanses your system)
tangerine or orange
1/2 cucumber
(helps you feel full and a natural dieretic)
minty leaves chopped up
no sugar necessary
add ice if you chose

she suggested drinking  1 - 8 oz. glasses before each meal.
You can add a liquid mineral supplement if you have it.
we do.
Keep filling pitcher with water using the same fruit
changing them out whenever you feel necessary.

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Mimi Sue said...

Those pillows are adorable! That drink looks so refreshing. How's it working? Where do you find it? I'm not a big fan of vinyl fencing either but it was that or nothing for our front picket fence. The mister refused to paint fussy pickets every couple of years. Let me know when you want me to come for training:) Mimi Sue